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Mass migration from Bihar

21, Jan 2014 By khakshar

Mass Migration of birds has been reported from all parts of  Bihar. The people and State Government as well  is extremely worried about the mass exodus.

Lalu in action.
Lalu dictating a tweet.

The scare crows are however quite enthusiastic about this phenomenon. “Ornithologists” or Bird watchers and surveyors are studying this unique happening.

People are citing the extreme cold and foggy condition for the migration of winged creatures. Some locals are justifying the cold weather as the only reason .They also give similar example of IRCTC sites crashing on account of fog and cold weather as reported earlier by  a National News Network.

However some Bird watchers seem to hit the nail with the theory of Laloo Yadav and sons using TeeTar (Twitter) recently. With the fodder scam still not far behind him ,the Birds fear shortage of birdseed.

Considering the problem faced by their cattle brethren ,the two winged creatures are migrating to safer and food -friendly places.