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Mars mission planned after a Seer dreams of a celestial potion there to make Rahul Gandhi talk less

08, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

A WikiLeaks leak has brought out the truth regarding the true intention of ISRO for sending a mission to Mars. Admist criticism from various spheres for wasting taxpayers’ money on a space trip having no consequential consequences on the billions of thriving poor in the country, ISRO was caught on the backfoot after the leak surfaced in the Breaking News section of India TV.

सपनों के सौदागर
Rahul Gandhi laughing at the mission.

The leak claims that the real reason behind the Mars mission was a seer’s dream. WikiLeaks claims that in a high profile Congress meeting, a seer who used to live beside the Eden Gardens stadium, told the senior leaders of the party about a dream that he had about a special potion that would be found amongst the ridges on the Mars surface that would help Rahul Gandhi talk less. The meeting was hosted by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Interestingly, Digvijay Singh was kept out of the confidential meeting.

The secret report mentions that there were certain voices against the dream as some said that the seer was desperate for employment after people in Kolkata had started talks about establishing Sachin Tendulkar temples and recruiting experts like Saba Karim to deliver sermons in them. Apparently, it took only a sneeze from Mrs. Gandhi to shut those voices up.

After the leak, there have been many ‘an hour of news’ debates questioning the credibility of the leak. An expert on one such debates bursted out shouting,even louder than the news anchor, that even questioning the dream is part of an international conspiracy against Hindu saints. Another expert claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s sudden reference to escape velocity of certain planets wasn’t just an attempt to infuse certain ‘scientific sense’ into his speeches, but was rather an unintentional slip about the ongoing space trip preparations

The Faking News is trying to contact the Narendra Modi camp as to know how many scientists involved in the expedition were from Gujarat.