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Mars is of red colour, ISRO mission communal: Digvijay Singh

08, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In an unusual but anticipated rant Digvijay Singh termed the ISRO mission Mangalyaan as “Communal” as the mission was dedicated to the red planet. Saying that RSS forces were behind the work of mangalyaan as they have already painted the 4th planet from Sun in communal colour of saffron. When reminded that the mission was achieved during Congress government and that Mars was red from ages, he also termed this reporter as an agent of RSS.

Digvijay Singh
Digvijay pointing towards communal forces.

He told “My sources have told me that Mars was originally Green in colour but Modi and RSS have transformed the light reflected from planet in communal colours.” He further added “Rahul Baba has stated planning to protect other planets from communal forces by educating masses about their Escape velocities. Rahul Baba has vowed to protect minorities and their structures on Jupiter , Saturn etc “

BJP retaliated by bringing out a leaked report on mineral scam on Mars and their ambiguous distribution, further demanding PM’s resignation.  Agriculture minister was quick to point out that rising prices of onions was due to onion stock being taken to Mars to feed the hungry Martians.

Amid all the chaos on earth , Martians, Jovians, Saturnians, Neptunians  were seen leaving for Andromeds Galaxy,saying they are safe from humans till the technology develops on earth to reach Andromeda.