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Manmohan Singh goes missing

08, Feb 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi, President of the leading Party of the nation, earlier in the day shocked the nation when she revealed that the 13th (yes, the unlucky number 13) Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh has been missing since a week now.

“I am shocked too, I myself got the news today only, it’s quite surprising that nobody in the PMO realized that he was not in there all week,”  said Sonia, “Normally Manmohan Jee never goes out, not even for a few hours without my permission; this behavior is out of the ordinary for him. We are increasingly concerned for his welfare.”

“But Mummy, last night, you told me that we are concerned about his farewell not welfare, no?” Rahul Gandhi, the 42-year-old youth icon, and the Vice President of Indian National Congress party, interrupted his mother.

“We would have known it earlier if it was Digvijay Singh or Manish Tiwari, these guys comment on everything and anything  without anyone asking, just like Suhel Seth, the country starts missing them the moment they don’t hear them commenting on something. On the other hand, Manmohan Jee only comes out to condemn things, and our bad luck is that nothing creepy has been happened in the country since last week. Right now, this seems to be the main reason that nobody realized that our P.M. is missing,” she said after scolding Rahul for the interruption.

“Manmohan Singh was last seen at a library nearby the PMO at around 11 am, yes, he used to visit the library a lot, perhaps because it was the only place where no one lambasted him for being silent,” she said while sipping a glass of water.

“It was last Saturday, I guess, when we met for the last time, at my home. Rahul invited him for the Payjama Party he was having on the weekend,” she said recollecting her thoughts, “He was very happy that eve, he was super excited about the call he got from the world-famous museum named Madame Tussauds, he told me that the Madame Tussauds people wanted his figure to stand still in the museum, so they wanted him to stand in the museum for the rest of his life, they surely didn’t want to waste the wax due to recessions maybe. I’ve even checked with Maddame Tussaud too but he is not there.”

“We have searched for him at every possible place we could, I personally checked his favorite room where he used to paint, yes, he was an aspiring painter too, he even drew a really cool painting named MAUN-LISA,” Sonia told Faking News.

“Mahatma Gandhi had 3 monkeys, I only have Manmohan, I will surely miss him,” Sonia couldn’t control her emotions.

“I gotta go find him,” she said in hurry in the end and walked off.

There is news that after this incident, L.K. Advani and Sharad Yadav been seen roaming around the PMO wearing blue turbans for no particulars reasons. When asked, they replied in unison, “We just want to look like Manmohan Jee, what’s wrong with that?”