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Manmohan Singh goes against Sonia Gandhi’s wishes, decides to wear saffron turban to a party

31, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

No more a puppet?

Delhi: An unusually defiant Manmohan Singh finally decided to rebel against the diktats of the Congress party President and his remote-controller, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, by wearing an orange turban instead of his staid blue and going on an alcohol binge. Apparently, Manmohan Singh was miffed by the fact that he was forced to eat aloo parantha as per Sonia Gandhi’s wishes, instead of the moolee parantha he had asked for.

“Madamji had advised us never to make moolee parantha for Manmohan Sir as it gives him acidity and his body no longer remains mute,” a source in the Prime Minister’s household staff told this Faking News reporter, on condition of anonymity. “So we rejected Manmohan Sir’s order and made him an aloo parantha instead. But then something happened that we had never seen before!”

Apparently, Dr. Manmohan Singh grew so miffed by this that he decided to don a saffron turban and go on a boozing party into the wee hours of the night, with some of his friends. He was spotted hanging out, half drunk, at Pandara Road, late at night, referring to Sonia Gandhi with rather elaborate and colourful swear words.

Most people who spotted him in his saffron turban believed that one more person had joined BJP only to be expelled a day later.