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Manmohan Singh found partying all night on Honey Singh's songs after announcing retirement

04, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: An unusually boisterous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was found partying away into the wee hours of the night after announcing that he was going to retire hurt from politics. The usually silent and wooden Mr. Singh was discovered dancing at a club in Connaught Place under the influence of alcohol to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s hits.

Manmohan Singh
O balle balle!

Sources from within the PMO said that after announcing his retirement, Dr. Singh was finally free from the Congress’ diktat of limiting his movements and sounds. His joy was quite visible on the dance floor where he was found doing tequila shots, hitting on women, slurring his words and dancing like an eighteen year old.

“Without discussing the merits of Narendra Modi, I sincerely believe that I am a better dancer,” Manmohan Singh declared in a loud voice, while doing bhangra to Honey Singh’s “Dope Shope”. “While contemporary media may not think so, history will definitely judge me as a better dancer.”

“But Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be a better dancer, and I hope our party will take that decision at the appropriate time,” he added later.