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Manmohan Singh agrees to being called “Cheatercock” instead of “Chor”

01, Sep 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

In a press release late last night, the PMO announced that the Prime Minister was OK with being called a “Cheatercock” but not “Chor” since he had barely four and a half crores in his declared personal savings.

Angry Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh was angry at having to speak twice in a year

“If he is a chor, why does he have only four crore? Even Vadraji has much much more and he is toh absolutely not a chor,” the unnamed spokesperson from the PMO said.

“At best what he has done is cheat the country out of high economic growth… but at no personal gain,” the spokesperson emphasized.

“Look at what these BJP fellows have made him do,” the spokesperson added passionately. “He was going to speak now only when the next Hailey’s comet appeared but these guys have made him give a speech twice! In one year!”

Speaking on the issue, Mr. Rahul Gandhi said, “I don’t understand all this nonsense about the economy and the rupee. When we came to power, the rupee was at 45 and now it is at 65 to the dollar- that’s twenty rupees more. How can it be weak if it is twenty more now? It’s all a state of people’s minds.”

Taking cognizance of the Prime Minister’s uncharacteristically high decibel offense to being called a “Chor”, the BJP has officially agreed to call him a “Cheatercock” instead, as well. By afternoon a BJP insider promised, “#PMCheatercockhai” would be trending on twitter instead of “#PMChorHai.”