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Mani Shankar Aiyar's confession over Modi jibe, blames it on ragging during his college days

20, Jan 2014 By somesanityplz

Mani Shankar Aiyar clearly told media that he is not going to apologize for his Modi jibe. He said this is not first time when he has insulted anyone, “I have a track record of insulting people by giving derogatory comment about their heritage. One can ask Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav.”

Poor chap.

He confessed that habit of insulting people is rooted back to his college days. He said that in his first year, his senior grilled him over not able to pronounce word ‘dichotomous’. This trauma of ragging left a deep scar in his memory. He revealed during his Cambridge days, he went for some professional advice. Psychiatrist at student center asked him to start insulting people whenever he feels intimidated. He said that work that time and he was able to overcome from trauma induced during Stephan days.

Somehow, this habit of insulting people ends up staying with him. Once he joined politics, he made a rule to insult only those,  he personally believes cannot pronounce word dichotomous.

After confessing this, he demanded each journalist to pronounce the word. After happily convinced about the capability of people present in that room, he smiled and left the venue. Leaving everyone wondering why he believes a chai wallah turn Chief Minister cannot be Prime Minister in Indian democracy.

Tinku who sells tea in front of Stephan College said he can pronounce the word too.