Friday, 20th April, 2018

Mango People

13, Apr 2014 By winter

Following the motorcade, Fafda slipped through the crowd and ducked just in time as a somnolent man stretched. Fafda’s mission was simple: to greet Kejru—the savior of mango people.

Fafda was barely two feet away when he noticed a man, who was holding a vacuum cleaner, three meters away but steadily advancing towards Kejru. It did appear as if the man—let’s call him Modak—was going to attack Kejru with that or perhaps just wanted to gloat how he possessed the weapon that would help incorrupt all houses.

Fafda knew time was short and in all probability, gauging from Modak’s body language, he was out to strike Kejru.

Wasting no time, Fafda jumped over a child and raced towards the motorcade. He pushed passed and was meters away from Kejru, and yelled out to get his attention. The moment had come, and it was now or never. Fafda removed his stash and jumped mid-air. In the middle of his leap, he removed three bananas from his pocket, mashed it mid-air and smeared it on Kejru’s face as he landed with a bang on the jeep’s bonnet.

The next morning, Fafda picked up the morning paper left outside his door. He was surprised to see a picture of him on the first page. The photographer had snapped him leaping mid-air and had managed to grab a terror-struck Kejru’s expression in the same frame, with the onlooking mango people going bananas.

A member of Protect fruits from embezzlement (PFFE), he was enraged when he first heard how Kejru had capitalized on mangoes and how his party’s name entrapped people into a false sense of satiety. PFFE’s mission against Kejru had succeeded and Fafda had spearheaded their cause.  With a satisfied smirk, Fafda headed back into his room.

Not far away, Modak planned his attack meticulously. Not to be thwarted this time, he finalized the plan and went into the kitchen to pick his ammunition. He loaded his weapon, which appeared to be a lot like a water-gun, with pomegranate seeds and marched out of his house to greet Kejru.