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Mangalyaan sends back photos of Rahul Gandhi

05, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi: Mangalyaan was in news again. Mangalyaan was able to locate Rahul Gandhi. It is being hailed as a great feat. Reactions to this news have been pouring in from various corners.

PM Modi held a press conference and said, “This is a great achievement by ISRO and our scientists. We as a country are grateful to them for their efforts. Our government takes care of its citizens no matter where they are. Be it on earth or on Mars”

Rahul Gandhi on Mars, studying the escape velocity!
Rahul Gandhi on Mars, studying the escape velocity!

Digvijay Singh defended Rahul saying, “Rahulji has gone to Mars for studying the escape velocity of that planet. He will use all the knowledge gained from the research for Women empowerment and RTI.” Mani Shankar Aiyar said “After BJP government’s Magalyaan had reached Mars we wanted to make sure that Mars is still Secular. That is why Rahulji is on Mars.”

AAP in its press conference had a lot of questions for both Congress and BJP.

(AAP spokesperson) Aam Hashmi : Who funded this trip to Mars? Where are the bills? He has gone their to buy land on behalf of Robert Vadra. This is a scam. BJP and Congress are both involved in this. Ambani and Adani are also involved in this. What is the purpose of Mangalyaan? Is it to locate Rahul Gandhi or aliens ? This is a scam.

What came as a surprise was NASA’s reaction to all this. They were clearly upset and issued a statement “ Please call back Rahul Gandhi. He has been playing with our Mars rover Curiosity. He has already caused some damage to it. We are afraid that he might break it completely.”

Even though we now know where Rahul is, what we still don’t is whether he wants to do a job that 22% of voters wanted him to do in the 2014 National elections. That, I think is a question that only Rahul Gandhi can answer.