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Man trying to understand political terms; "Left", "Right", "Centre", "Left of Center", "Right of Left" etc. , is in mental trauma

08, Nov 2014 By Akash

New Delhi: Rohit Khanna, an Engineer by profession and with a recently grown huge political interest, has been admitted to AIIMS last night by his flat mates. They saw him lying on the floor doing bizarre actions; moving left, right and centre of the floor and shouting names of different political parties with each movement.

Not yet out of danger
Not yet out of danger

Shahid one of his flatmate told Faking News, “Rohit was trying to understand the difference between various political ideologies; Left, right ,centre, Left of Centre, Right of Centre and all other combinations, from past few days. Since then he was showing unusual behaviors. Signs of perplexion were quit palpable in his behavior from the very day he started understanding these ‘Direction Styled’ political concepts. But yesterday his strange behavior reached to it’s zenith when he actually started rolling in different directions calling the names of parties with each direction.”

AIIMS doctors have coined a new term for this disease, “Politilexia”, and warned that this disease may be as fatal as “Ebola Virus”. Meanwhile, all the political analyst are in shock on this announcement. It’s also been reported that heavy number of IAS aspirants have dropped their idea of preparing for Civil Services Exam. As there are high chances for such aspirants getting attacked by “Politilexia”, considering detailed study of different political ideologies required for this exam.

AIIMS has confirmed that Rohit is out of danger now. But they strongly advised him to remain away from such political interests and also warned him not to watch Newshour at Times Now.

Also a petition has been filed by Shahid on Facebook, urging political parties to rename these ideologies. Till now 52000, people have signed this petition. Mr. Modi has called an party meeting to discuss this issue on next Sunday. Let’s see what will be the outcome of this meet. Faking News will keep his reader updated on this issue.