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Man named 'Lokpal Singh' found during 'Jhaadu chalo yatra', made CM candidate by AAP

05, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

Recent few days have been very prosperous for Aam Aadmi Party, due to which the party has somehow developed some credibility as vicious politicians.

Anna’s love letter to Kejriwal, trusted fund sources of the party, and a seducing sting operation of Shazia Filmi, everything seems to be adding in their political points tally.

To the extra good fortune of the party, they have finally got a man named Lokpal Singh and decided to project him CM candidate, if they lose the elections.

In case we win, you will see the same face of Arvind Kejriwal as our CM candidate, said the hottest honest candidate Shazia Filmi.

This fortunate event has given a hydraulic power to team AAP, and they are flying on a broom like Harry Potter. First, team AAP had planned to make Lokpal the brand ambassador of the party, as the manifesto of AAP is full of his name.

To add to their confidence, Lokpal Singh turned out to be a sweeper working under MCD cleanliness department, hence he holds broom almost 8 hours a day. His name is Lokpal, he loves broom, and he is also a victim of the present govt, sufficient for us to grab him, exclaimed Kumar Vishwasghaat.

AAP has readied this man to speak ill about MCD, where BJP is in power to trim the votes of BJP. With this ill karma, the party expects the whole sweeper union of Delhi to join their party.

The political science guru of the party, Yogendra Yadav briefed us about their plans of using Lokpal Singh in the battle, he said, we have a cause of bring about the change through the Lokpal bill. We have asked Lokpal if he has some bills(be it broom purchase bill, phenyl bill or acid bill) with him, we will  implement that in Delhi.

The man is also called with his short name, i.e. LS. Hence AAP can also use his name in upcoming LS(loksabha) polls to pressurize the voters.

The bright days of the MCD sweeper has now come, earlier he used to sweep across Chandni chowk, he would clean the disposal of Chaat and Paapdi, now he will sweep votes and then currency notes, said other sweeper who is getting jealous of the lucky guy.

Lokpal Singh is a son of Anna’s Supporter ‘Janlokpal Singh’.