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Man mistakes Bigg Boss for AAP, sends 99 SMSes to AAP volunteer

22, Dec 2013 By surajr

New Delhi: Sudhir Misra, a 38 year old businessman from Dwarka, New Delhi has claimed that he had accidentally SMSed the AAP asking them to form a coalition government in the state with Congress support.

Mr Misra and his AAP topi
Aam Aadmi

 In his confession posted on his Facebook wall, Mr. Misra claims that he had sent 99 SMSes to save actor KRK in the hit reality show Bigg Boss. However, he accidentally sent the SMSes to the local AAP volunteer who was conducting an opinion poll on forming a coalition government with Congress at the same time.

Faking News contacted Mr. Misra, and he said, “This was an oversight from my side. I was aghast when my favorite actor KRK got evicted from Bigg Boss having received 0 votes. So, when I checked my sent SMSes, I realized that I had sent the SMS to the wrong person.” Adjusting his ‘Aaam Aadmi’ topi, he added, “When I found out my blunder, I immediately contacted the chairman of the local AAP Mohalla Committee and asked him to rectify the error”.

He also added that he personally knew several people in his social circle who had committed the same blunder. A visibly upset Mr Misra later broke down when he was told that KRK was in Bigg Boss 4 years ago and he may have been watching a repeat.

In response to this developing story, Yogendra Yadav, Chief Strategist of the AAP released a statement that AAP will conduct an internal inquiry into this matter. The outcome of the SMS poll will be re-analyzed based on the Raw data gathered from the telecom service providers and inputs from Mohalla Committee chiefs. He also hinted at the possibility of a SMS Re-Poll.

While the Congress party declined to comment on this issue, several BJP leaders have questioned the timing of the SMS poll and the TV Reality show and have alleged a conspiracy. A senior leader in the BJP on the condition of anonymity told Faking News that “The AAP is a Right wing Leftist party and is trying to align with a Left of Centrist party. It is a bit like Chanderpaul’s batting stance, you can’t tell if he is a Leftie or a Rightie.”

In other unrelated news, BJP leader Vijay Jolly was seen stocking up on Black paint and paint brushes.