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Man challenges BJP to build a Ram temple in Pakistan

07, Feb 2013 By Shiva Kumar Dhivakar

Rajnath Singh, the newly-elected BJP President, on announcing that he will build a Ram Temple in the disputed site at Ayodhya was left red-faced after an intruder in the gathering of seers and saints mocked at his intentions.

The scantily-clad, bearded man who couldn’t be identified whether he was a tramp or a sadhu made a long stride forward and yelled, “Who in the world asked you for a Ram Temple now? We have got plenty of them anyway, in every nook and corner of the country. If you are hell-bent on building a temple, go do that in Pakistan where a lot of ancient temples are being demolished and Hindus are harassed every day. All we need here in India is eradication of corruption, poverty and unemployment.”

BJP is once again playing the ‘Ram Mandir’ card

Agitated by his outburst, party workers pounced on the feeble man and mercilessly battered him before dragging him out of the crowd to a secluded area as the BJP chief seethed with anger and accused the intruder of being a Congress supporter sent to defame him.

The BJP has been trying hard to woo its Hindu vote-bank in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Hundreds of saffron-clad squads have been already directed to various parts of the country to distribute religious books and music CDs, and organise Ram bhajans believing the people could identify themselves with the party which stood by their age-old beliefs. As a part of its election campaign, moral-policing teams called ‘senas‘ are being trained to scour beaches and ice-cream parlours frequented by young couples and ‘educate’ them about the etiquettes of Indian culture.

Pubs and discotheques have been instructed to stop playing western tracks and instead play a remix version of Gulshan Kumar’s bhajans. Outlets selling western attires were threatened to replace their existing stock with traditional wear on the lines of Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh’s costumes in Lagaan that portrayed the lives of people in Bharat. All these measures were being made in a desperate attempt to impress the conservative-minded middle-aged parents and elderly people who the party believed were the real people who would step out of their homes and cast their votes.

Sources close to the party’s leadership have revealed some titbits about BJP’s election manifesto which is currently being prepared under the supervision of RSS and VHP. It’s not surprising that the right-wing political party is planning to implement Ram Rajya in the country in case it came to power. But a shocking point in the manifesto hints that all the married women would be asked to undergo an Agni Pariksha in order to prove their loyalty to their husbands.