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Man belonging to minority community beaten up by his relatives for not hating RSS and Modi

18, May 2015 By manithan

Somewhere in India: A man was beaten by his relatives in Some city, after he was found by them as someone who doesn’t hate RSS and Narendra Modi.

Saleem, aged 30, working as travel agent, had been in a marriage function of his distant relatives in the city, when he was beaten up by his very own relatives. He is currently undergoing treatment in a nearby private hospital and doctors have declared that he is stable. Ayesha, his 24-year old wife, was sobbing outside the hospital. She said, “He is very hardworking. Very gentle. Never raised his voice to me in the past three years of our marriage. He is never into politics too. I just pray to Allah that he comes back as my old husband. That is all I want.”. And she resumed her crying.

One of the person who had punched Saleem that day, asked us an intriguing question when we met,
One of the person who had punched Saleem that day, asked us an intriguing question when we met, “How can a Muslim not hate RSS and Modi?” He added ‘Saleem deserves it for not hating RSS and Modi’

We then spoke with Salman, father of Saleem. He said, “Saleem never watches news channels and doesn’t read newspapers. He doesn’t even know about Modi or RSS. Even when we talk about politics, he will move out of the room. I am doubtful that he was lashed by that mob in that marriage function due to political talks. He is totally apolitical.”

After investigating about the marriage hall where this fateful event took place, we rushed to the spot. While none who took part in the function was available there, we spoke to marriage hall supervisor, who was an eyewitness of the event. He said, “Yes! Saleem was lynched by his very own relatives. On that day, Saleem had been sitting in the rear of hall with his relatives. I was standing next to their row. One of them started to discuss about politics and Saleem stood up to leave. When asked the reason for leaving, he denied to comment on political talks. One of them then asked ‘Are you angry on Modi and RSS?’, for which he didn’t open his mouth. Soon, around 15 of them surrounded him asking him various questions like ‘Did you vote for BJP’, ‘Are you secret Sanghi?’,’How can you forget 2002?’ and Saleem kept on replying ‘I don’t care about politics'”.

“The shock came from one person who asked him, ‘So are you not hating RSS and Modi? Do you like them?’ and immediately, everyone pounced on Saleem. Others standing around the spot tried to stop, but he was severely beaten up by that time. We only took him to hospital. Poor boy, when he was being taken in ambulance, he kept on repeating, ‘Ok! Ok! I hate Modi and RSS. Please don’t beat me!’ Inshallah, he should recover soon.”, concluded the eyewitness.

Various media outlets who were eager to publish the news before us, later found itself busy on analysing the dress of Modi, after they found out that the attackers were from the same religion.