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Man arrested for breathing same air as Robert Vadra

13, Jan 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Few days after a man was challaned by the Delhi Police for overtaking Robert Vadra’s car, an FIR was filed by a Congress worker against a man who happened to be breathing in the vicinity of Mr. Vadra.

Mr. Special

The Delhi Police swung into action soon after the FIR was filed, arresting the man and booking him under ‘violation of damaad’s airspace’ laws.

“A retired teacher called Jyoti Bannerjee was loitering around Vadraji breathing the very air that Vadraji is supposed to be breathing exclusively,” Inspector Rakesh Varma, Station House Officer of the Mandi House Police Station said. “He was also staring at Vadraji a lot causing him a lot of discomfiture and also making him remove his expensive sunglasses to check out the man.”

“We have arrested Mr. Bannerjee,” the policeman continued. “But not to worry, we will let him go soon with a stern warning to breathe more carefully from hereon.”