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Mamta to get aritificial heart implant

24, Sep 2012 By lifeasitis

If sources are to be believed, then Mamta Banerjee, CM of West Bengal is to become one of the first patients to use the artificial heart surgery recently introduced in India.

A  Mumbai hospital has brought in the technology to implant an artificial heart that takes over the functioning of the original heart and weighs approximately 400 grams. At the Asian Health Institute, Mumbai, it will cost a whopping Rs 1 crore.

If sources are to be believed, then Mamta Banerjee had been under scanner for her actions against media and free speech lately. Thus, a close aide had suggested this implant of new heart at Bandra’s Asian Heart Institute. There has been noises recently about new CM being heartless after her outbursts and wrath against common man for speaking his mind.

The implant would be state funded, confirmed a minister of state on promise of anonymity. On the question of the disposal of original heart, there has been controversies as there are different schools of thoughts which are emerging. Partyworkers and ministers close to Didi has requested to preserve the original heart and to be included as the exhibit in the museum to be created posthumously for Didi.

The other school of thought which is being supported by the central government is to burn the heart so that there is no trace of emotions except anger, frustation in the original heart. It is been argued that, this heart when in use(or not in use) did not do any good to anyone, let alone saved when it would be removed from the body. Industrialists like Tatas have welcomed the latter suggestion and is supporting the government in it. Thus final decision would be taken by TMC party as they have been quoted as saying ‘It is the party’s internal matter and Party’s decision would be final on it.

The dates of implant have not been confirmed as of yet and doctors have been running some preliminary tests on the CM to check her adaptability to the new artificial heart.