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Mamta Banerjee having painting fever

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Many people have raised questions that What actually Mamta Banerjee is doing after withdrawing support from UPA-2?

She was found involved in painting the whole West Bengal. When FN  contacted her on this painting issue, she denied at very first. Her PA told us that she is busy herself in rubbing the walls with Sandpaper. Then After two days, we got a call from her office that she finally agreed to meet us.

She said, “Sorry, Hum sab jagah chunna-pani kar rahaa hai. UPA se nikalne ke baad humko yahi kaam mila.” (Sorry, I am white-washing everywhere. After leaving UPA, I have no any other work to do).

We asked her about why she choose to paint the whole Bengal in Anti-Red, she told us, “See! We all have a devil inside. You will be having and I am also having one. But if one compares yours and mine, he or she will find mine as more furious as the one in old Jaani Dushman. It just get energized and activated after seeing Red color anywhere.”

We tried to experiment the same. Cameraman from FN 2.0 showed her his mouth filled with betel. After seeing red mouth, she jumped off her couch and started painting the cameraman. She was constantly screaming Teri Keh ke loongi….Teri Keh ke loongi while applying the first coat of the paint.

Somehow we managed to get away the cameraman off her. She said, “You see, how I behave when I see red color anywhere on the surrounding.” After pinching more, she told us why she left UPA after so many threats.

“You know, when you don’t get enough space for yourself at any place, you simply move out. The same was with me, all I demanded was just a favor to subsidize the painting in West Bengal and to paint the railway goods in anti-red. They denied”, Mamta said.

She added further, “When I left UPA, I called Madam Sonia ji. After picking-up, she started laughing rigorously on me. She told me that Mamta Meri jaan! Main teri Keh ke loongi.” She said, “You know, they offered me sleeping pills to get rid of these tensions. I would have eaten it, if it was not in red. My PA left the job when I tried to recruit him on the post of Chief Paints Manager.”

It is clear that Mamta Banerjee still doing some things to get attention from the West Bengal allied states and even from the central government. She is still sorry for her act of withdrawing attention. West Bengal CM knows what cost one pays when he shouts aloud before taking actions. Her new PA-cum-Manager-cum-Media Representative-cum-Paints Executive told us on a silent note, “Madam ji is suffering from some chemical locha(imbalance), just avoid her and start rubbing off the red.”