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Mamata to open Abusal Training School

20, Feb 2013 By luna67

Come May, Mamata Banerjee, respected chief minister of West Bengal, is going to open the All Paschimbanga Vidyalaya for Abusal Training. The school is going to teach all the basics for how to be a public servant (literally) and how to make a foolish idiot out of a high post holding officer.

This school will also offer how to wish extravagant favours like bringing 200 girls up in stage to demonstrate how a person has accomplished women safety, etc and making a whole lot of fantastical promises to win the votebank over.

This training institute has been announced Didi herself in 14th February to celebrate TMC Government’s 2nd birthday and coming up in Kalyani, since AIIMS is not coming up there, and rather in Raiganj.

So to rival the Congress and put them into shame, Didi has announced this school in “the benefit of public”. The announcement comes after she threatened to whip her bodyguard and abused photographers in Mati Utsab, another controversial topic in West Bengal Media.

Here, children will be taught by several TMC leaders like Dinesh Trivedi, who will teach how to punish “rowdy” ministers like himself, while Mukul Roy will probably teach how to make people like him and other TMC members obey only 1 person. Mamata herself will be the principal.

Mamata supporters, better know as ‘Janagans’, are only too happy that their children might be the successor of Didi. Mr. Panchu Roy(name changed to protect identity), a TMC supporter, said in ecstasy, “I will always support Didi for generations! Now I will be even avail my daughter’s education, Didi Style!”

While a CPM supporter relented, “She’s wasting central funds on petty projects.” Didi replied, “Should we sell the CPM offices to gain funds for this school instead?”

After being told by the media about this incoming threats of thousands “Didis and Dadas” flooding the country, PM Manmohan Singh let the Indians know his feelings, ” Theek Hai