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Mamata makes insensitive remarks to criticize insensitive remarks made by party member

03, Jul 2014 By Guddu Gangster

Kolkata. The CM of West Bengal, Mamata Bannerjee on Monday condemned the derogatory remarks made by her party member and Trinamool Congress MP Tapas Pal. The MP had earlier at a mass meeting in Krishnanagar, openly threatened the opposition CPM party workers to “kill them” and “let his boys loose to rape women of the opposition party” if they tried to “bring any harm upon the local Trinamool workers”.

Pal, however has denied all the charges. When our reporters contacted him over telephone, he said, “This is a false accusation. I never said anything like that..(pause).. at least not in the open! ..(pause again)..I guess!”

Mamata Banerjee
The West Bengal CM warning those whom she doesn’t like

“All of this is fake.. just like my wig,” he added.

Trinamool has however distanced itself from Pal’s thoughtless comments. “The party does not endorse or support such utterly insensitive and shameful remarks,” said the CM early on yesterday.

“Is this really what he said? How dare he! I’ll not tolerate this. I’ll make sure he’s screwed. I ‘phaak’ those who ‘phaak’ with me,” she continued in her typical English accent. Unfortunately this statement of her condemning the statement of fellow party member and MP Tapas Pal, had created a controversy itself, as people thought she used the homophonic English word of ‘phaak’ in her statement in criticizing the accused MP.

This triggered an uproar and people all over the state were furious over the CM’s remarks on the issue. But things calmed down after the CM soon provided an official clarification in another media conference held later that day.

She clarified that she had used the Bengali word ‘phaak’ in her statement, which means bringing something or someone in the open, and not the homophonic English word people had been expecting.

The CM is already quite (in)famous for her outspoken nature and confusing, incoherent English, which often results in misunderstanding and misinterpretation of her statements resulting in blaming and accusing the media of fabricating lies and concocting stories.

However, there are still speculations as to why would the CM use a Bengali word in the middle of a sentence in English and how is that Bengali word related in any way to the statement she made.

Our reporters tried to contact the CM further to clear things up a bit more but couldn’t dare do so in apprehensions of being called ‘Maoists’, as she appeared quite infuriated.