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Mamata Banerjee reacted over Black money issue

28, Oct 2014 By shankarsarkar620

New Delhi, Oct. 19: The BJP leader Shri Narendra Modi will disclose the names of three black money account holders to the Supreme Court on Monday.

Sources say the account holders are mostly political personalities and the names will be part of an affidavit, the government will file in the high court.

Chief Minister of West Bengal Ms. Mamata Banerjee, comments on the black money issue, for the shake of Ma Mati ManushTMC had asked the Modi Government to stop blackmailing tactics and dared it to come out with full information.

TMC and ma mati manush is not going to be blackmailed under any such threat. Do not try to blackmail us. Said Tapas Paul, a respected leader of TCM who recently nominated for ‘’Nobel Prize’’ for spreading rape threat to the ma mati manush.

Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said, “There is no need to blackmail TMC. Whatever names they have, they should reveal and act as they have a government. They should not try to blackmail anyone.

Today is a historic day in the black money case. The procedure of disclosure of names has underway,” BJP representative Sambit Patra said.

Patra also recalled that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his Lok Sabha election campaign, had said that if the black money is brought back, each BJP minister will have a BMW X5 model which is worth 65 lakhs only while Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was then BJP President, had sworn to bring back black money within 100 days.