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Major rift inside BJP over 'Candidate of the Year', It's Digvijaya Singh vs Rahul G

29, Jul 2013 By Tabhiso G

There is a major rift reported inside BJP over ‘Candidate of the Year‘.

The party is said to be divided majorly over Digvijaya Singh & Rahul G. The higher cadre of the party is said to be in the favor of Digvijaya Singh while the middle and lower cadre are all guns for Rahul. As per the internal source who talked to us on the condition of anonymity, “The higher cadre is of the view that the remarks made by Digvijaya is helping the BJP immensely and they are very constructive as well”. Asking the government for clearing the stand on Ishart Jahan case, remarks over Batala house and 100 Tanch Maal were specially appreciated in the party meeting. If the sources have to be believed, the remarks over Narendra Modi and RSS were of real help to BJP as they provided the opportunity to hit back and define the party stand clearly.

While the Digvijaya is popular among the higher cadre, Rahul nowhere seems to be behind in race. His brilliant remarks over Angry India, Poor India are being enchanted by party middle and lower cadre. Special praise was bestowed upon the speech given in Bihar by him over Gujarat’s modification, though he could not finish it.

After the ‘Chintan Baithak‘ the BJP spokesperson said, “Both the candidates have worked very hard towards deepening our roots in public for 2014 General Elections and providing launch platform as well. We appreciate both of them but the winner can only be one”.

On the question if the party has decided the name of candidate, he said, “The discussions are still going on inside the party and the decision would be taken after due consideration of all the sections”. He added that there are other names as well which are surfacing up, Raj Babbar, Union minister Farooq are among those names, when asked if there are only 2 candidates. But it seems like that the race is primarily between Digvijaya and Rahul as others don’t have that much data to back them.

Some party members also found discussing that the comments ‘5 Rs’ and ’12 Rs’ were politically timed as the meeting for deciding the winner was due next day. Gadkari’s name was refused as it might fuel up minorities and favoritism issues.

When asked, Rahul G & Digvijaya both denied to make any official statement as the matter was still under consideration. There are also rumors about Digvijaya getting the lifetime Achievement award from BJP for his consistent constructive arguments with Modi and other BJP leaders.