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Mahesh Bhatt joins AAP, given task of dealing with Digvijay, Gadkari and Arnab

02, Jan 2014 By sacheebaat

Renowned filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt , on late Monday night declared that he has joined the Aam Adami Party . “I am glad to be part of the new revolution that is ushering dawn in India” said Mahesh Bhatt while leaving CM Kejriwal’s house late Monday night.

Mahesh Bhatt
“You are regressive”

Of major responsibilities given to Mahesh Bhatt, is to handle the opposition. His main targets have been identified – Digvijay Singh, Nitin Gadkari and Arnab Goswami.

“The changing paradigms and arising anticipations of the youth of the country have the right to have their questions answered and the opposition of the AAP have to be silenced over the continuous blasphemy” was stated as the purpose of his position in the party.

Mahesh Bhatt, considered the young man’s god for introducing Mallika Sherawat, Sunny Leone and Meera to Indian cinema  is said to be excited to begin work. When asked on his strategy of tackling the allegations and hindrances against the Delhi new Government, “I have always been direct and  head on to deal with problems, i agree that these people i am against muck veterans but nevertheless I will try my best to speak louder and more nonsensical  and irrelevant than them.”

Digvijay Singh  remained unavailable for comment, while Gadkari said he will comment at appropriate time. Arnab Goswami told faking news, “Never ever never ever can Bhatt win with him”

With Mahesh Bhatt’s joining, some sources say that we may see Mallika Sherawat, Sunny Leone and Alia Bhatt campaigning for Kumar Vishwaas in Amethi.