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Maharashtra Govt announce eating Vada Paav every day is compulsory if you want to stay in Maharashtra

08, Apr 2015 By dasu

Mumbai: After banning beef eating and giving orders to multiplexes to run Marathi films in prime time, the government comes up with a new notification. Everybody above three years of age who wants to stay in Maharashtra needs to have at least one Vada Pav every day.

When our faking news reporter who stays in Mumbai contacted the chief secretary to know more about this notification. He told us on the condition of anonymity, “Slowly but steadily we can see deterioration of Marathi culture. We brought the notification for beef ban after we saw the population of cows and bulls have decreased dis-proportionately to other eatable animals”.

On the need for running Marathi pictures in prime time he told us “Marathi pictures will run in single screens and multiplexes in such hours

Man following Vada Pav compulsion
Man following Vada Pav compulsion

when most of Mumbaikars will be on the move. Few who do not have work and survive on their parents income will take advantage of air condition and lower ticket prices to take nap inside the theatre”.

To bring the Marathi culture back Government has made vada pav eating compulsory. We hear lot of complaints from people who are saying they are health conscious and cannot have fried items. Taking advantage of the situation bowlers like Munaf patel is saying no to vada pav. He is saying his bowling speed has decreased after he joined Mumbai Indians and on the recommendation of Bhajji and Rohit bhai he started having vada pav regularly. Government does not agree with this. The chief secretary told us “We know earlier big film personalities and cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar used to eat vada pav which is considered signature dish from Maharashtra. I have known people who are chain vada pav eaters and they never had any health issues”.

When we pointed out why the kids below three years of age is excluded, he told us “kids at such a young age will not realize the taste of Maharashtra”.

Our faking news reporter who is diabetic and cannot have vada pav everyday asked why only vada pav, when there are so many other well-known dishes from Maharashtra. He told us, “vada pav is easy to get, we cannot force people to prepare food at home when they take four hours by using Mumbai local to reach home. Vada pav is also similar to McDonald burger which youngsters like and it will not be difficult for them to switch over”.

He also told, they are discussing with experts to see they can find a lower calorie version of vada pav which will help diabetic patients and health conscious people like our reporter. Government is also planning to give heavy subsidy on vada pav for people who are below poverty line.

Some of the stock market experts told us “Looking at the future business potential of vada pav vendors, we are quite sure some of them will file for initial public offer soon”.