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Maharashtra Government bans liquor, Common man reacts “This government is not sober”

26, Jul 2015 By chats

Mumbai(26th July) : Maharshtra government has passed revolutionary bill that bans all type of liquor from all 36 districts of Maharashtra. The government has set up a Special destructive taskforce (STD) and they will sale all available stock of liquor to Punjab and Haryana.

Common people are seriously worried about nearest future. Some said that this government is not sober; when it comes to matters of national interest. A common man from Mumbai said “Common man will suffer the most, how could we celebrate any joyous occasion or any festival, or any weekend party, how could I deal with my acute long term depression, I’m happy only when I’m drunk.”

Normal life possible without these?

Politicians even from ruling party has opposed this decision, a politician told faking news that “How could I buy votes for next assembly election? When its election time, people don’t just want Chicken Biryani, they also want good old desi liquor. I can’t just build roads, schools and hospitals for nothing”

Youngsters are hit by this decision, a group of youngster was sobbing in front closed pub. They told us that this government is worst government in history of any governance in entire world, there are no jobs, no girlfriends and they expect us to build India without being drunk. One of the leaders of random students’ community asked for reservation/quota to drink liquor.

Mumbai’s pub owners are in complete state of shock and awestruck by this decision, a pub owner says “is this really happening?  I’m addicted to liquor; I know many people are addicted. How could I live?, I’m going to kill myself by drinking cheap, poisonous ,desi liquor in front of Maharashtra assembly and I know many people will join me eventually”

A session court lawyer told us that drunken driving cases are main source of his income, but he is hopeful that he will fight for liquor smuggling cases.

A Social activist, who is only vocal on Twitter, twitted that government should build more sugar cane juice joints, but banning liquor isn’t going to solve problem of Farmer’s suicide.

Maharashtra government has also encouraged neighboring state Goa to ban liquor. Goa government replies that when people are drunk they don’t complain about bad governance.