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Maharashtra government announces 112% quota limit, everyone gets reservation

02, Jul 2014 By jyotil

Mumbai. With only a few months remaining to the assembly elections, Maharashtra state government today announced seat quota reservations in the job and education sectors for all communities.

In what can be termed as a political master stroke the Chief Minister, in a single move, managed to quell the internal dissent and broaden his appeal as a socially inclusive CM. The CM handed an opportunity to each minister in his cabinet to choose their favorite community and allowed them to announce the seat reservation quota.

Prithvi Raj Chavan
“Each and every person has reservation now”

In the day of hectic developments, no less than 34 ministers organized press meets one after the other to take credit for the seat quotas.

However there was a minor dent in the euphoria when a vigilant minister figured out that total reservation quota now stood at 112%.

Sources say that minister had this eureka moment when he was checking the addition function on the calculator app on his new smart phone.

The CM, who was on his way to inaugurate a newly installed traffic signal at a busy traffic junction, was duly informed of this accounting error. In the press meet following the inauguration the visibly beaming CM stoically defended 112% seat reservation quota.

“Quota reservation is a common practice in the airline industry, rail bookings and the government is only learning from the industry best practices,” a defiant CM told reporters at the gathering.

“I am distressed by all these talks about using quota politics to win the assembly elections. I live by no community left behind policy. Based on our track record anyone who thinks that such measures will help in swaying the voter sentiment will be in for a rude surprise,” CM also hit back on the allegations of political opportunism.

As a response to the question what will happen if all communities do in fact opt for their quotas, the CM said that the government was well prepared for every eventuality and 14,923 carpenters across the state are on standby to widen every seat in all colleges & government offices by 12% thus accommodating everyone in the 112% seat quota. He then proceeded to a pothole filling ceremony in the suburbs.