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Maharashtra bans 'Buri Nazar Waale Tera Munh Kaala' written on back of Trucks

05, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai. The Legislative Assembly, which functions properly once in a blue moon, had made an amendment in Transportation Act which was earlier based on racism, scraping the use of ‘Buri Nazar waale tera Muh Kaala’ written on the back of mostly all the trucks with ‘Nimboo-Mirchi’ hanging alongside it.

The decision was welcomed unanimously by the MLAs, including that of Shiv Sena without showing any resistance, which was a surprise to media houses and the speaker of the assembly as well.

This causes accidents and inconvenience
This causes accidents and inconvenience

Kaalu, the taxi driver, who came to Bombay (oops, Mumbai) from UP 10 years ago was overwhelmed with this decision. “This is for the first time Maharashtra Government has done something good for us. We won’t feel discriminated for this particular reason,” said Kaalu posing happily for a local daily “Kaamna” alongwith his driver-buddy, Muttu, from Chennai where these kind of comments are not found on backside of trucks for obvious reasons.

Not welcoming this decision, the marketing manager (alumni, IIN MBA – Marketing batch of 2015) of ‘Fair & Dovely’ daily whitening cream has challenged the action taken in the assembly. He has wrote an open-letter citing “This decision is anti-economy as our business would get decimated once people stop reading and not getting offended and not taking seriously these type of targeted compliments. Ab log 2 hafto mein gora hona chod denge”.

As soon as the news was out, Prakash Singh Sardar, the CM of Punjab, expressed his views on self-owned TV News Channel and said, “It is a very good move by our Maharashtra counterpart. Instead of racists slogans, we want their truck drivers to copy quotes like ‘Deepi de Papa di gaddi’ , ‘Sarr na….Rees kar’ and ‘ बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरे बच्चे जियें, बड़े होकर, देसी शराब पिय’ (endorsing his business of shudh-desi thekas in every nook and corner of Punjab)”