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Maha Moorkh Sammelan

28, Mar 2014 By khakshar

This citizen journalist had the privilege to attend the annual  Maha Moorkh Sammelan held at Varanasi on eve of  Holi as a paid correspondent and sponsored participant of My Faking News.

The delay in filing the report can be well understood as after effects or hangovers. The  teetotaler editorial board of My Faking News however refuses to acknowledge the “Vella” effect as it is called in India.

The correspondent was surprised to see the official and at times not so official spokesperson of Congress attired as a Hasya-Kavi sitting in his usual preference of last row.

Mr .Sanjay Jha was clapping profoundly at  anything  non humorous or PJs.  Out of context he hinted that his mission at the Holy City was to find a suitable Congress candidate against PM aspirant Mr. Narendra Modi.

While the event was won by yours truly i.e @khakshar, seeing my DP on Twitter, the organizers denied me the ride of donkey which was the coveted prize.

Mr.Jha meanwhile recommended Mr. Tilori Lal BhangHari  the contestant, who finished last in the Sammelan as the Congress candidate from Varanasi.