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Maha Antakshari - the BJP Shiv Sena remarriage

03, Nov 2014 By ashishnayan

Mumbai. The recent political divide between the BJP and the Shiv Sena seems to have serious repercussions on the stalwarts of both sides.

“Hum bhi hain josh mein, baatein kar hosh mein”

Sources informed that in order to nudge the benevolence they once shared, leaders of both parties decided to meet over a closed door Antakshari session at Matoshree, home of the Thackerays.

With the new Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis declaring that Shiv Sena would be included in the government, the motive of the session was to gain the BJP’s lost bonhomie with Shiv Sena only through music and without uttering a word.

Shiv Sena, on the other hand, appeared like the ‘HALF GIRLFRIEND’, throwing all antics just before the proposal.

The BJP team was led by the most musical Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, the Shiv Sainiks by Mr. Sanjay ‘Rout’. His Excellency, the Chief Justice of the “I only let my favourites speak” Court Arnab Goswami presided over the session while Mr. Rahul Gandhi was invited over to be the external observer.

The session started with the BJP launching the first musical missile and then it continued:

BJP: Hum bewafa hargiz na the, par hum wafa kar na sake!

SS: Hum bhi hain josh mein, baatein kar hosh mein…

The BJP looked all appealing and desperately trying at this moment:

BJP: Maine tenu samjhawa ki, na tere bina lagdaa jee…

With the SS reminding it of the behaviour it was meted out to :

SS: Saree ke fall sa, kabhi match kiya re, kabhi chod diya dil, kabhi catch kiya re!!

And then some naughty BJP member just could’t resist:

BJP: Jhalak dikhla ja, jhalak dikhla jaa, ek baar aaja aaja aaja aaja aaja..

With the SS taking it on a stride:

SS: Chor do aachal, zamana kya kahega!

With BJP trying really hard to win over Shiv Sena with all possible emotional atyachar, Shiv Sainiks looked moved with Aditya Thackeray crying and lying down on his mother’s lap and Mr. Udhdhav taking back his camera (his past profession) and capturing this epic moment.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi was also seen to be moved at this emotional sight and called his mother who wasn’t available.

He reportedly texted her immediately: “Main kabhi ye kehta nahi, par in sabon se darta hun main maa.”

But then, it was ‘Jiju’ who responded to Rahul’s call immediately.

Rahul: “Jiju, I can’t handle Aditya’s misery. I feel like crying too. Where’s momma? Where the hell is didi?”

Robert: “What!! “are you serious, are you serious, are you serious, are you serious, are you serious”?? who only stopped till Priyanka Gandhi took the phone over and comforted her brother.

And then finally romance took over the steering wheel:

BJP: Ranjhaana hua main tera, kaun tera bin mera!!

SS (finally smiling): Hum tumhare hain sanam….

And Maharashtra saw the best reunion ever in history with Mr. Amit Shah dedicating the song Udhdhav Jee. “Tune maari entry aur dil mein baji ghantiyaa re.. tang tang tang”

And that lays the roadmap for the BJP-SS bonding. All best wishes to the new government and to Mr. Fadnavis.