Friday, 23rd March, 2018

Maggi back on Delhi’s shelf as Kejriwal’s daughter approves it

07, Jun 2015 By anuragjajoo

Like past times, first Delhi government thrashed Maggi off the shelf and has now taken a U-turn and approved Maggi sales once again.

Aam Aadmi’s favourite snack Maggi was accused of having high lead content, but Kejriwal’s daughter, an active leader of Delhi Vigilant Team tasted it at Tom Uncle’s shop and found that the news was actually misLEADing.

Delhi government has sincerely apologized for the situation and has promised a relief of 5 packets of Maggi to those who suffered because of ban. They are further planning to start a helpline number and install CCTV cameras in government shops so that aam aadmi can easily buy Maggi at any time without fear.

However Congress supporters have expressed their angst on social media and said that AAP government is actually a B-team of BJP and has started supporting top industrialists.