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Lt Governor Jung auctions Delhi government formation rights

05, Nov 2014 By MRP

New Delhi : After failing to make any of the three parties that have won Delhi assembly seats, namely Congress, BJP and AAP, to form a government, Lt. Gov of Delhi Mr. Najeeb Jung has decided to auction the rights to form the government.

With the Supreme Court breathing down his neck and faced with the prospect of facing people’s wrath if money is spent again on re-election, Jung had no other option but to think innovatively to solve the dead lock. In fact, his decision has been hailed as intelligent and path breaking by most people, except of course the three parties involved.

Lt. Gov. Jung auctioning the right to form government.

While the Congress and BJP have not openly criticized the decision, mostly because they have not even understood its implication for them, their elected MLAs are disappointed.

Off the record, some of these MLAs have poured out their woes saying, “We prefer status quo. We just wanted to carry the tag of elected MLAs for the full term of five years and we did not even have to do any work as there is no government. With this development we do not know what is going to happen to us”.

AAP however reacted differently. Moments after the decision was announced, Arvind Kejriwal, clad in winter suit and his trade mark muffler, condemned the decision and threatened to stage a dharna all over Delhi, in a different place each day. His problem was different too. “We wanted re-election. Nothing else. Then we would contest in just three constituencies, as we have only that many members in our party. Then, even if we were to win a seat or two, we would never be asked to form the government. We could sit pretty in the opposition and carry out our profession of protesting. Now all that is ruined.”

Lt. Gov. Jung, unfazed by the criticism, explained his strategy to the media. “Initially, the auction will be open to political parties operating in Delhi. If no one bids, we will ask regional parties of the neighbouring states. Then it will be opened to any party in India. Already, AIADMK, RJD, PDP, Shiv Sena, JDS of Devegowda,  and others have expressed interest. Of course, if we do not succeed, then there will be a global bid and any country or any individual can bid for government formation. Final option will be myself. I will continue what I am doing.”