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Lord Krishna visits India; Takes Gita back

19, May 2015 By RT

India. In a rare and highly spiritual freaky incident, an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna, Mr. Gokul claimed that Lord Krishna had visited his home last night. Lord Krishna, apparently stayed only for 5 minutes and asked for a book to read, Faking News learnt the details later.

“It was about midnight. I heard gentle knocks on my door. I opened the door and found Lord Krishna standing at my doorstep. Immediately folding my hands and I surrendered myself before Him”, Mr. Gokul told of the miracle.

No Cold Drink No Snacks! Are you sure you want THIS?
Mr. Gokul returning the Gita to the Lord Krishna

“Once HE walked inside, I offered HIM with soft drinks for HIS divinely disapproval. I dared not to offer any other food item during his entire stay at my home. I was just standing quietly waiting for Lord Krishna to speak.

When HE first spoke, the Lord just commanded three words, ‘Give back Gita!’ I ran to the Pooja room and gave HIM the holy book. Lord Krishna ran through the book so quickly and spoke the next few words, which took me completely by amazement and shock. Lord Krishna asked that HE retain the copy of the book, as a symbolic gesture”, Mr.Gokul continued his unbelievable encounter.

“ ‘Gokul, I want to take Gita back with me. The recent developments in India are more than awkward for me to accept. I cannot allow my teachings to be misused by corrupt people as quotes. In your capacity as an ardent devotee, spread the message to the entire country, especially southern India’, the Lord commanded me and quickly left”, Mr.Gokul described the final minutes with HIM.

“Before I started to call all the magazines and the television channels to fulfill my command, I wanted to check out the recent news, which would have caused HIM to visit us. Then I saw this advertisement from a jailed and acquitted political leader, ‘The life of Dharma will often be troubled by Adharma; but Dharma will win again’

As a devotee of the Lord, I myself could not stand HIS teachings misused by corrupt political leaders. How could HE stand such glaring errors in judgement!” Mr.Gokul concluded to Faking News.