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Long queues in front of Paneerselvam house for his high demand across the country

08, Feb 2017 By eelusiv

After doing the sacrifice yet again, Paneerselvam is running on very high demand across the nation. Mainly all the political parties are lined up at his residence offering membership and high party positions.

Modiji Trying to convince Paneer ji to be Chief Minister of UP
Modiji Trying to convince Paneer ji to be the Chief Minister of UP

Our reporter, Poltu Patrakar, when asked one of the party leaders standing in the queue and waiting for him to come out, about the reason, he profusely told that, Paneer ji was a like a gem to any party. He further elaborated, “These are tough times, who knows when our supreme leader will have to go to jail in one corruption case or the other and leave the chief miniterialship, who can we trust then? In these times, even the son can’t be trusted by his father to return the leadership when asked, what is the harm to have somebody like Paneerselvam ji as a ready backup?”.

As the waiting line consisted of all political parties from North to South of the nation, it was impossible to ask everybody. So our reporter decided to ask a big national party (almost opposition) about the reason, he said, “After retirement of Manhmohan ji, god forbids if our party comes to power  who can we trust to be our interim PM if Rahul Baba have to go for sabbatical for a few days to Thailand? So we are thinking ahead of time and trying to have him in our fold as he is the best for this role”. A political party of common people was even offering him chief ministerial ship of Punjab and Goa rightaway.

Apart from politics, the demand is also coming from across the quarters, like Anurag Thakur asking SC to make him the interim BCCI chief and Ratan Tata offering to make him the CEO of Tata Sons.

When we tried to contact Paneerselvam ji if he was considering any offer, he seemed to be dialing someone called Chinamma to confirm if he could reply to our query.