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Lollipop act 1989 invoked to make Rahul Gandhi Congress' PM candidate

20, Dec 2013 By Manish Aneja

New Delhi: With growing rumors of Rahul Gandhi becoming Congress PM candidate which has refreshed the memories of sweet Lollipop days among middle class lickers, who are now eager to know more about Lollipop act which was tabled in late 1980’s to choose any undeserving Indian child with noble irresponsible genes as PM candidate in the rarest of the rare case.

Rahul Gandhi
Luck favors the lucky.

Rajiv Gandhi, who was the then youngest prime minister of poor independent India, had smelled that his only son would not have the true genes of an Indian, in the backdrop of his wife being Italian. Sensing the inability of his only growing son of not growing mature at par with his age and height, Rajiv Gandhi came up with an idea of creating Lollipop act.

“Lollipop act” defines that any Indian child assumed noble by sycophants but actually politically and socially dumb can still be considered for the post of head of the country if he/she were ever an offspring of head of the country. This act named Lollipop depicts that any person or more accurately a child who is in the age of licking Lollipop can be given outside responsibilities equal to circling a lollipop inside one’s mouth.

Current Indian government has learnt that running the country is almost equal to enjoying a lollipop, which Rahul Gandhi is most capable of. Hence he can be given outside responsibility if he manages to get some time after his red cherry sweet stick, think his mother and party sycophants.

Rajiv Gandhi, the father of only Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi(after disclaiming Salman Khurshid) had a dream for India, which Rahul Gandhi has already uttered in public meetings, to give dumbest youngest Prime Minister to India. After a lot of introspection and open to his personal opinions, he created Lollipop act for the future use, and to determine the abilities of his slowly growing son.

After getting such information from fortunate constitution files, which was not either lost or burnt like coal files, congress has termed Rahul Gandhi as AUSPICIOUS for the party and Indian constitution. Congress is due to announce Mr. Rahul Gandhi as congress’ only PM candidate on 17th January by exploiting Lollipop act to the maximum extent meanwhile Rahul is consuming spoonfuls of bournvita to grow faster.

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