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Lok Sabha election or Bigg Boss contest? Clouds of confusion hover over north-west Mumbai

28, Mar 2014 By Raunak Ramteke

Mumbai. The voters of the Mumbai North-West constituency are extremely confused about their candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

“I am the best”

This is so, because they have to make a choice between Rakhi Sawant (Independent), Kamaal R Khan (SP), Mahesh Manjrekar (MNS), Gurudas Kamat (Congress), Mayank Gandhi (AAP) and Gajanan Kirtikar (Shiv Sena), and they think that they are choosing a Bigg Boss contestant, instead of an MP.

While Gajanan Kiritkar urged the people not to link him to a show like Bigg Boss, Gurudas Kamat said that he has no problem with it, because even his party is ruled by a Bigg Boss (Sonia Gandhi).

Mayank Gandhi was of the opinion that such things do not matter to him, as he would be exposing each and every corrupt person in the constituency, to which Rakhi Sawant replied, saying that nobody except her, has the birth right to expose!

When our reporters contacted Kamaal R Khan for his comments, he said that be it a Bigg Boss contest or a Lok Sabha election, he is confident and capable enough to win. When we asked him to look into the camera and say the same thing again, he was not able to do that, maybe because he was still wearing his shades, or maybe he is too afraid to say it on record. But Kamaal promised to Tweet about it, soon.

Mahesh Manjrekar, being an MNS candidate, was very furious about Kamaal R Khan contesting. He said that people like Kamaal are the sole reason for the increased rush in the Mumbai local. He was of the opinion that though the name is Mumbai Local, only outsiders travel by it.

When we tried to contact some of the past Bigg Boss contestants, they were either unavailable or inaudible for any type of comments. While Vindoo Dara Singh was busy with the upcoming season of the IPL, Dolly Bindra was too loud to make any clear comment.

Our team was only able to contact Bigg Boss, who said “In logo ne hume kahi bhi mooh dikhane layak nahi rakha,”  to which, everyone burst out laughing.