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Like USA, India to have many long weekends from 2015; PM Modi to announce new holidays soon

03, Oct 2014 By Mishtik Journo

New Delhi: From next year, Indians will be able to enjoy at least four long weekends a year like their Americans counterparts, Faking News learns from highly reliable sources in the PMO. Formal announcement will be made when PM Narendra Modi returns from the USA.

Narendra Modi
“Achhe weekends aane wale hain”

The demand came from a million Indians on the government portal for public feedback who are unable to go on vacations during the extra long weekend starting 2nd October owing to overbooked fights and exorbitant prices at hotels.

Indians only get one or two long weekends in a year, since holidays are according to the Hindu calendar or as per the moon days and the weekends are observed on Saturday- Sunday.

“In USA, you have so many long weekends to choose from during a year for vacations.  Martin Luther King Day is on third Monday in January and President’s day, Memorial Day, Labour Day, Columbus Day always fall on Mondays and then there is Good Friday,” observed Abhishek Khandelwal from Delhi.

Like so many other topics, P M Narendra Modi got a study conducted on this aspect during his US visit and ordered the Chief Secretary to create at least four holidays that result into long weekends.

“So far PM has given an impression of being a workaholic which has not gone down well with Indian bureaucrats and public. Additional holidays will definitely help calm sentiments,” an insider confided to Faking News

“After lot of brain storming we have decided that the Monday or Friday nearest to 26th January and 15th August will be observed as Prime Minister Day and Bharat Nirman Vikas Divas. Combined with holidays on Republic & Independence day, many times this may result into a four day long weekend,” says the draft press release.

In addition, third Friday of May (during summer vacations) and November (festival season) will also be national holidays. The reason for celebration of these will be decided after getting popular public comments (Faking News readers may make their suggestions in the comments section).

“We will thus have a long weekend for every season to suit all preferences,” commented a beaming Shripad Naik, the minister for tourism.

“As we adopt the best international practices and have at least four long weekends every year, we will get the status of a developed nation by 2020,” the Chief Secretary observed, “Mr Modi has already pipped president Obama to second place with his popularity in USA. By this move he will have a big edge over the whole of western world.”