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Life found on the Mars, Kejriwal hastily shifted & called Earth a corrupt planet

11, Mar 2014 By Sarcasm

In an astonishing event after ISRO found life on the Mars, they offered a hefty amount of money for anyone to move on the Mars for research.

Accepting that offer which left Earth people in the bewilderment, AK hastily moved to the Mars. When we contacted AAP about this unexpected movement , they replied in a press conference, “He is on the Mars for mission to check whether there is corruption or not.”

The crusader

When we contacted ISRO that why they allowed him to move on Mars, official reply was this.

“As we had a talk with AK about his research that he is going to do on Mars, which he explained in very great ways as he is an IITian. So, we granted the permission, but, we had no idea that he is on Mars to see the corruption! We have found 4 ETs there on the Mars, I don’t think one has to go there to find corruption.”

We tried to contact AK many times, but after numerous failed attempts we got a chance at 2 AM in the dark night when he was online. 

“People on Earth are corrupt, come here and see the atmosphere. We have found some ETs on Mars, very honest and even helping us. We will have to change the planet not only India, “ he insisted.

After that we got only some beep beep sound which was the end of the conversation, so we moved to other party workers.

It can be easily predicted that why he took this whopping and dangerous step. After he attempted to visit Modi, even western countries afraid of the thought of being visited by AK on their own land any time.

An official said that, “We have almost no corruption here, but still we will try to withdraw his Visa as soon as possible.” He said while shaking and in an anxious voice. As even Netas of opposition parties in Gujarat never visited and inquired and threw bunches of question then how can Kejriwal do?.

We got mixed response about Kejrival on contacting other parties about this issue.