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Lessons learnt from hinterland elections, Chief Election Commission seeks aid of teachers

04, Dec 2013 By puntonpiper

Lucknow: Amidst the election season in Hindi heartland, the Election Commission of India has done a SWOT analysis to help itself to manage the forthcoming Lok Sabha Elections Next year.

Speaking at a public lecture addressing students and faculty in IIM-Lucknow, Chief Election Commissioner Mr. VS Sampath had conducted the exercise to analyse its deficiencies and take steps in this regard to conduct an effective, efficient and peaceful Election next year.

On a query by a 1st year student Sourabh Mishra, about what were the strengths and weaknesses the EC had discovered during the exercise. Mr. Sampath remarked that he was content with the security measures taken during the elections in Chattishgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and is also satisfied with the efforts initiated and planned in New Delhi.

“However we were taken off guard by the incessant complaints from the various political parties like BJP, Congress and the political greenhorns Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Election officials were flummoxed by the sheer quantum of complaints they received while making arrangements for the elections. To see obnoxious remarks from Prime Minister Candidates of tomorrow did mildly bewilder me as a citizen but I was disappointed when these remarks led to a series of allegations from the various political camps and landed up in our Office”, beamed Mr. Sampath with his trademark smile.

Another student Aravind Parida, then enquired what were the measures would the Election Commissioner take to address this behavior in the forthcoming LS elections.

“Hire Teachers”, prompt was the response of the CEC. “We have decided to hire about 500 teachers from various schools across the country who will conduct training sessions for various election officials. The teachers are all used to handling such complaints from students and they very well might also handle the complaints of our leaders and also directly participate in the largest democratic exercise in the world and maintain discipline.”

The solution seemed to find worthy appreciation as the entire audience burst into applause at the novel idea. Speaking further on the topic, the CEC said, “My driver was telling me about the antics of his grandson and how the teacher would effectively handle the complaint and punish him. We can also take the aid of the teachers in determining the punishment to be awarded to the likes of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. We have also decided that the mixture of the teacher will be from Urban and as well as Rural India. We will be soon making an official announcement in this regard.

Mrs. Radhika Narayanan, a teacher of Social Studies in Padma Seshadri School, Chennai has expressed delight on hearing this news and has further remarked that it will help teachers like her in better understanding of Civics and also serve the country at the same time.