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Leonardo aims to turn Kejriwal's life into Oscar winning movie

25, May 2014 By Prateek Shah

Hollywood: In an astonishing development, Leonardo Di Caprio has bought the rights from Arvind Kejriwal for creating a biopic on the legend’s life.

On being asked about the move, Di Caprio said, “After working in movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Shutter Island and many more praise worthy roles, I have realised what I had been missing so far. It is the twists, turns and U turns of the life of Mr Kejriwal which makes him an ideal choice for my next movie role, one that would certainly get me the Oscar.”

After bagging the project.

Martin Scorsese, who will once again dawn the hat of Director said, “In my entire lifetime of listening to scripts and watching movies, I have never come across somebody who weaves magic in the script of his life every passing day. Mr Kejriwal’s story is one par excellence, and the drama he adds to the script is beyond any writer’s imagination. We are eagerly looking forward to working on this script, and will hire him as the script writer, screenplay writer, and much more.”

Talking about the development, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Ji main to Aam Aadmi hun, aur yeh sab desh ke liye kar raha hun. Is picture ke banne se ji humein jo paisa milega wo AAP ke development fund mein jaayega. Aur ji jo isse publicity hogi AAP ki, usse hum naturally agli baar Bharat ke elections jeet jaayenge.”

On being asked whether his intentions are to fight for US Presidency after he will become globally famous after the launch of this movie, he said “Ji mera kaam hai desh se corruption ko hatana, nahin communal forces ko hatana, nahin sorry bolna, nahin matlab jo bhi hai, saare fasaad ki jadd to America hi hai na ji? Ab bas ek baar hamare desh ka Pradhanmantri ban jaaun, fir to ji main 99 days mein hi sarkaar se isteefa dekar America ke liye ravana ho jaaunga ji. Dekho, desh to jaag gaya hai, ab duniya ko jagane ki baari hai, aur ek baar yeh duniya jaag gayi na, to fir to badlaav khud ba khud hi aa jaayega.”

Other Hollywood studios are already planning to postpone the release of their new movies to later years, since they say this one movie will run to packed houses all through the year once it releases.

Meanwhile, Leonardo is practising to cough like Kejriwal, along with donning the famous muffler to look perfect for the role. Last heard, Obama was beginning to feel the heat, err, cold.