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Legislative Violence is our attempt to boost 'Make In India': Kerela MLA

17, Mar 2015 By Shrimann Apmann

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Five opposition MLAs , who vandalized Kerala Speaker’s dais during budget presentation, have expressed shock and grief over their suspension and stated that they were only trying to make their contribution to the government’s Make in India scheme. K Kunjahmed Master AKA Master of Disaster explained that the latest fiasco was his attempt to inspire the young generation towards a career in WWE style pro-wrestling games.

The Undertaker, inspiration
The Undertaker, Mr. Master’s inspiration

“The pro-wrestling industry is very popular in the west. It is a multimillion dollar industry which provides thousands of jobs in the US. Growing up I wanted to be Undertaker but because of the lack of infrastructure I became a Law Maker. My dream is to ensure that the youth don’t have to suffer through this deprivation and to see them hurl the Indian flag at WWE main events like Wrestlemania, Summer Slam etc.”

Mr Master further explained that this is a long-term project. “Not only a Pro-Wrestling event but my kicks and punches will also inspire a new generation of action stars for our Malayalam Film industry. My actions will inspire hundreds of Mammoottys who will put Foreign stars like JaiKishan Chan to shame.”

Mr Ajit an accomplice of Mr Master told us that this is a multi-layered project. “If you want to Make in India then you should buy made in India. If you want to buy made in India then you should break in India. All mic, desk, chair broken during our performance will be replaced by Indian furniture. This will improve our GDP and ensure bread for the poor craftsmen of our country”, he revealed to Fakingnews.

Meanwhile Vince McMahon, majority stake holder of the WWE, was not available for comments.