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LEAKED: Questionnaire for people seeking Congress ticket

05, Sep 2013 By nandakumar

All those seeking Congress tickets for elections have to answer a 5 page questionnaire which also includes  a few questions to test the general knowledge and purpose of contesting the election.

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Sonia ka haath chamchon ke saath.

A  leaked copy of the question paper was made available to Fake news and is reproduced below:

1)    (1)  Who is responsible for missing coal files?

a)      Oil Minister  (b) Finance Minister (c) Coal Miners (d) Paper Manufacturers

2)    (2)    Who is responsible for the fall in Indian rupee?

(a)    US Dollar (b) Uttarakhand Landslide (c) Supreme court (d) Anna Hazare

3)    (3)    The reason for the Current Account deficit?

(a)    Poor Accounting (b)  Poor people (c) IPL (d) CAG

4)    (4)   Rape cases are increasing because of

(a)    Policemen (b) God men (c) Juvenile men (d) women

5)    (5)   For Food Security you need

(a)    Aadhar card (b) Ration card (c) Post card (9) Green card

6)    (6)   Who is good at providing Food Security?

(a)    Raj Babbar (b) Suresh Tendulkar (c) Jail warden (d) Midday meal Cook

7)    (7)  Crime and Corruption cases are investigated  by:

(a)    CBI (b) Arnab (c) Shreenivasan Jain (d) Governor

8)    (8)   Foot and Mouth disease is more pronounced in :

(a)    Cattle (b) Congress spokepersons (c) Pakistani Panelists on Arnab’s program

9)     (9)  If Mani Shanker Aiyar is on a TV debate

(a)    He will abuse others (b) others will abuse him (c) The anchor will curse himself(d) all above

   )  (10)  Fill in the Blanks :

(a)    If India is a Beehive then ———— is  the Queen bee by default

(a) Sonia (b) Sushma (c) Radia (d) Deepika

(b)   If India is a boat then ——— is the boat man by default

(a)    Rahul (b) Lankan Fisherman (c) Sanjay Jha (d) Chidambaram

(c)    If a Puppy gets under a car wheel then ——– is the car driver by default

(a)    Modi (b) Dig Vijay (c)Puppy’s Brother–in-law (d) Salman Khan