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Leaked chat of Congress meeting on jokes about RG in social media

01, Feb 2014 By billthelizard

During last 4 days, After RG interview with Arnab, Social Media is flooded with jokes on RG. This caused the Congress party to call an emergency meeting where the series of actions to be taken were decided. Faking News has got access to the transcript of that chat.

Rahul vs Arnab
The interview under scanner

We thank our sources for leaking this conversation that was supposed to be off the record, just like the conversation of AAP and Congress.

Below is the transcript of what happened in the meeting:

Sonia Gandhi: Thank you all for joining. I am so sad today. I am seeing so many jokes about my Son and this time even my friends in FB also sharing jokes about him. I unsubscribed everyone and my FB wall  is empty. Next time my family doctor may come up with an idea to watch Rahul Gandhi’s interviews for stress relief. We should do something, I can’t digest it.

Rajiv Shukla: We will do whatever Rahul ji  said.

Sonia Gandhi: Mr.Shukla ji, Rahul Gandhi did not say anything yet. Please be silent.

Rajiv Shukla: We will do whatever Rahul ji gonna say.

Sonia Gandhi: Gurrrr… Does your mother/father has supporters as me to arrange meeting like this about you?

Rajiv Shukla:We…

Rahul Gandhi: Mom, we need to empower women, we should also half empower Hijras (Damn it, I forgot  to mention this in Interview).

Rajiv Shukla: Will do  whatever Rahul ji will say.

Digvijay Singh: Let’s make advertisements that says Rahul ji is empowering everyone in Social Media by becoming an asset for new Jokes and helping people to get innovative thoughts for creating new jokes.

Rajiv Shukla: We will do..

P Chidambaram: We should take severe actions against this, we should block people who use Rahul Gandhi name in any of their posts.

Rajiv Shukla: .. whatever …

Kapil Sibal: Let’s blame Modi. Lets advertise Modi is doing Riots over internet against Rahul Gandhi and start saying 2014 Riots.

Somebody over phone : Sonia ji, it’s not fair we are trying so hard to get people eyes on us by doing Circus on roads but Rahul Gandhi is beating us over Social Media. We should start promising we will run Aeroplanes on roads to make people look at us.

Rajiv Shukla: (So fast) We will do whatever Rahul ji will say, gonna say, said , might dream of and may dreamed of and ….

Sonia Gandhi: Shukla ji, please stop. (To the person in phone) Be cool son, you are like my Son and as equivalent as him in many ways. You don’t need special efforts to make people look at you.

Rahul Gandhi: Mom, find me a girl I will start empowering her. And lets make RTI as a news paper that will be delivered everyday to everyone’s home in India.

Rajiv Shukla: Awesome wonderful amazing master piece.  We will do whatever you say Rahul ji.

Person over Phone : No Rahul ji, lets make it International news paper else lets send some copies to ISRO and tell them to throw it in Galaxy from rockets everyday. We should empower Universe too. I am done with Delhi.

Manmohan Singh: Who is that guy over phone?

Rahul Gandhi : I don’t believe in person talking over phone. It is centralized to single Phone. We should make a Phone network like whenever a person make a call it should also connect to remaining 100cr phones in India. What do you say Sibal Ji?

Kapil Sibal: whaaaa….the ….

Sonia Gandhi: Rahul, stop it. Done! no need to stop jokes. Let them blow, that would be better than this meeting.

Rajiv Shukla: We will do whatever Rahul ji said.

Everybody silently left the room.