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Leading scientist backs Rahul Gandhi as PM

14, Apr 2014 By none

In a rare political statement today, leading  scientist Raner Pillai endorsed Rahul Gandhi as a PM with a very succinct scientific argument. He said: “It is simple. Mr. Gandhi has the sum of qualities of two other options available – Mr. Kejriwal and Mr. Modi.”

Rahul Gandhi Sleeves
“Don’t take me lightly”

Upon request to further elaborate, Mr. Pillai added: “Mr. Modi is very dynamic and fast with a very keen focus. He is popular for his velocity. Mr. Kejriwal is well known for escape. Mr. Rahul Gandhi, in comparison, is famous for escape velocity! That means he has characteristics of both the other options.”

Before we can ask any further questions, Mr. Pillai escaped with a tremendous velocity… probably towards the biggest laboratory of political ideas, Indian elections.