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Latest innovation of AAP government- Department of Stings

16, Jan 2014 By trishanku

In a first for any government in the country, Delhi government has created a new department in its ministry of law. Named the Department of Stings, its main task would be to assist Aam Admi in carrying out stings on the corrupt officials.

Thumbs up to the decision.
Thumbs up to the decision.

In a press conference the Law minister Somnath Bharati, who is trying hard to convince the courts of his expertise in conducting stings, explained the reason for setting up this new department,”Ever since the CM advised Aam Aadmi to carry out stings on corrupt officials , our volunteers have been flooded with requests for help. So at the behest of our volunteers it has been decided to open this new department which will provide all kinds of help ranging from renting the equipment to ensuring safety of the “stinger”.

This will enable us to fulfill, before the general election, the promise of eradicating corruption from India’s capital ; and after the general election this experience will help us to remove corruption from the country.”

FN correspondent has learnt that Rahul Gandhi is advising the Central Government to go further than AAP and start a full fledged ministry with similar objectivesa and help organise a few stings before the general elections.

Reacting to this development, Dr. Subramaniam Swamy has termed AAP government as ” Government by the stings, of the stings and for the stings.”