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Lalu politically lost both the worlds

27, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Was it destined to happen? Was it expected by the allied political parties? Was it known to the big political minds? What on earth is impossible and similarly everything is possible in the politics. It is the result of the same old notion that explains nobody is a permanent ally in the political set up. Opportunity and circumstances overwhelm everything in Chanakya’s politics.

I love two things, buffalo, and scams
I love two things, buffalo, and scams

Lalu Yadav seemed to have lost both the worlds. Na Hi Mila Rama, Na Hi Mila Maya suits his present condition. What he calculated in political terms appeared to have turned contrary. Despite largest party, he is bemoaning at the changed scenario of his state politics. His claim to power burst into the saffron air. All his political acumen proved futile before rivals.

Although he indicated of resolving any misunderstanding yet the governance Sir was yet again pulled by another party’s gravitational force. His party men are raising questions on secular character of JD(U) chief but there was no value of this principle now. It was a real ghar wapasi. After all, the earth is round and everything reaches at the same point once and for all. It also happened with the leader moving ahead on the declared standard of the zero tolerance on the issue of corruption.

The attempts of several parties coming together on one platform might weaken This sudden change in the Bihar politics illustrated individual ambitions matter more than collective ideological politics. Somehow, it looks as if Nitish Babu would try to look for some other avenues to fight for the secular front in future. He most probably would join hands with Bahenji. Nitish Babu has a certain plan for the grand alliance and this will be clear only after the conclave of various political parties at the historic Gandhi ground in the next month.