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Lalu plunges into his past

08, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR:  Why is Lalu Yadav worried so much? This is so because he faced the CBI raids which disturbed him unquestionably. His reactions were also cutting. These investigations led him to curse the BJP top leaders. He possesses wide attention as an elderly politician. He plunges into his past.The raids surprise an experienced political leader. After the much-talked fodder scam, he seemed to have been tolerating the heat of the alleged new-fangled hotel tender scam.

"Shhh... Don't tell them I am here"
“Shhh… Don’t tell them I am here”

He will have to face the dirty case of dishonesty and cheating in accordance with the Indian Penal Code. The section 420 dealing with the trend of double-cross method in properties or other matters covers a plethora of cheaters in our vast and colourful country. It is they who tax their brains for the falsification in their selfish gains.

If the cheaters do not follow the habit of cheating others, this section would not be applied from time to time. Then they will also not realise the brunt of the laws at a certain level. The hands of the laws are not short as we used to hear in films’ dialogue. It is this feature which allows competent authorities to smile at the cheaters. Although Lalu Yadav’s critics have termed him as Robert Vadra of Bihar yet he has not left any opportunity to oppose the charges thrown at him point by point.

Now, several anti-Lalu splinter groups have frankly been arguing over the point whether the veteran politician consumed the whole of the fodder sitting under the cosy ambience of the heritage hotel or not. Whatever it may be, his alleged connection with the heritage hotels tender scam is under the scanner.

Clearly disagreeing with the charges levelled against him and his family members, the RJD chief appeared resolute in fighting till the finish. Still roaring and thundering like the fearless political soldier he challenged his political rivals to try one or more Daon in the political Dangal. Like an aged lion, his roars are not at low pitch.