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Lalu corruption classes (LCC) to be launched soon

15, Jul 2017 By Vic

The fan of I love buffalo club Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav is now on another mission to educate and improve the efficiency of current corrupt officers and teach them the right way to do it.

From over decades of personal experience and an unbeaten record of not getting caught, Lalu Prasad is soon gaining massive success in his ongoing campaign to teach each and every corrupt  person, How it’s done.

Lalu Prasad in collaboration with Robert Vadra and their other esteemed corrupt people has made an awesome team to give you a professional experience.

Don’t worry you probably know them already, they are very famous corrupt people and had shown their calibre on different stages by conducting well planned scam of over 100 crore each.

I love two things, buffalo, and scams
I love two things, buffalo, and scams

Lalu’s team promises a good return with security guaranteed.

They had vowed to tell all their secrets and Lalu has told in an  exclusive interview that the criteria for joining this program will have to be a minimum 20 crore scam (minimum eligibility criteria).

Mr Lalu describes his programme as an opportunity for individuals and organisations to take initiative and learn the art of bribing and blackmailing correctly.

He envisions one day to impart his knowledge so much that every man in india would be leading a healthy and corrupt life.

His program consists of a 6 months of training and a chance to meet is personally for a one-to-one session. He has big plans for the program and told us that his vision is to decrease the income disparity between  the super corrupt and the average corrupt people, he also talks about the increasing awareness of being corrupt and how it should be a necessary skill nowdays to showcase.

New Reign of Terror: Whistle Blowers (Lalu explains)

He also points out the building tension of consumer awareness and the enemy of corrupt people, the kind of persons he hates the most whistle blowers.

He said that they were the root cause that corrupt people dont take bribes, do scams, these are the real culprits not the CBI or govt. officials, as they even helped to save the poor corrupt people, the whistle blowers should be punished heavily.

On final words he had only one thing to say to the upcoming young generations of corrupt people… Be Corrupt and Stay Corrupt! (#iluvbuffalo).