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Lalu asked Bharat Ratna for the largest Swiss account holder

20, Feb 2013 By idiot420

If rumors are to be believed, Indian government may declare some name of account holders having huge cash accumulated in various banks across different tax heavens of the world.

In light of these a very interesting theory is proposed by ex-railway minister Lalu Yadav, according to whom this money is a kind of saving accounts for country maintained by different patriotic politicians and bureaucrats.

Lalu told that saving this money was very important when country was in bad economic condition . If today this money is retrieved back it could amount to trillion of dollars and it will help India to establish itself as a superpower and compete against the giant economies like US and China.

It is because of foresightedness of Indian politicians we are getting such a huge amount of cash, so greater the Swiss bank balance amount of the politician more blessings he will get from country. Lalu has also demanded to give Bharat Ratna title to the person having largest account balance.

While explaining the logic behind the theory Lalu told that whether it’s a household or a country for development savings are very important and if someone has done something for country by violating some minor tax laws it’s not a crime. It has far reaching implications, when added to India’s GDP, which currently stands at Rs 228 lakh crore, the recovered money will help India overtake China and push its position to number two in the list of global economies.

It is precisely the kind of boost the Indian economy was hoping to get while the existing scenario looks grim. And all this can be possible because of we people, we thought ahead of time, we saved without thinking of bad consequences. This was our duty at that time and because of our sincere efforts India is going to get such a huge amount of money.

This will be our main agenda in the coming Parliamentary elections. It is we who saved the money and it is we who finally bringing it back to country in the time of need. People of India should feel proud of us as we behaved like a caring father, don’t you people have seen the advertisement in which a girl dream of getting a higher education is US was getting shattered because of lack of money and all of a sudden his father came up with some kind of secretly saved money. This is the same money .

So this logic is coming from RJD supremo Mr Lalu Yadav and we hope his superb business sense behind this whole matter may get him another guest lecture invitation from IIM .