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Laloo Yadav accuses Patna police of discrimination

25, Jul 2014 By khakshar

Subhash Yadav the famous Saala and  exponent of Lathi Wiedling sandwiched between Mr. Laloo and Mrs. Rabri
Subhash Yadav the famous Saala and exponent of Lathi Wiedling sandwiched between Mr. Laloo and Mrs. Rabri

The news of a fruit juice vendor in Gandhi Maidan, Patna being paid Rs. 35000 for two glasses of juice has caught the headlines. What had surprised “Raju”, the juice vendor the most was the duo who paid him the kingly amount seemed not to be under influence of any foreign forces.

It is a well established fact in India that most acts of philanthropy by a common man  is done under the acts of  influence of foreign hand or under influence of Indian Manufactured Foreign liquor (IFML).   The fact can be well established by the amount of alms which  alms seekers in front of a liquor shop collect in comparisont to a place of worship.

Raju ofcourse handed over the money to Patna police.   The two “RaeesZadas” were basically loaded with bags of money. The duo had burgled and were in no mood to carry the heavy booty.  They paid “Raju” , the money in advance for availing his services of supplying juice in future.

Many juice centers have suddenly cropped up in and around Gandhi Maidan. It has made the Cola and Juice packaging companies take notice  as the sudden spurt in demand of Fresh Juice has hit their share of Market.

What missed the headlines was that the booty the duo had collected was from the house of Mr. Subhash Yadav, the brother in law of Mr. Laloo Ji. Mr. Subash is an eminent businessman of Patna. People will also remember that he was a Member of Legislative Council. He was a nominated member of the Bihar’s upper House of Legislation  for his contribution to Arts and Culture during Mr.Laloo’s tenure as Chief Minister. Inquiries at that time had established that Mr. Subhash   was one of great exponents of the art called  Lathi Wielding, the famous art of north India. The lathi or the Latth is the long cane stick used by Pehalwans or Khalifas, as they are called in Bihar. Lathi Wielding has been a favorite past time of many political leaders of the state.

Meanwhile, Mr.Laloo has accused the Patna Police of discrimination. He told the reporter that while the BJP MP from “Nevada” name alike “Nawada” was awarded the  with money multiplier scheme of Bihar Police , his “Saala” is not being provided the same. It should be remembered that the Money Multiplier scheme of  crediting more money along with some foreign currency also called “Las Vegas Plan” had been enforced by Patna Police some days ago. It is a “win only on burglary” scheme.  It credits Crores to the person who files a complaint of theft of Rs.50000. Many in Bihar who had thought of making it quick in the Gambling dens of “Las Vegas, Nawada,US” are now availing this scheme. It also solves the problem of migration from the State.

One of the close confidantes of Mr.Laloo told the Faking News correspondent that the ploy of not extending the facility to  Laloo Ji’s family was designed by none other than Mr.Nitish Kumar. It was deliberate as to starve Laloo’s family Party (RJD) of much needed funds for upcoming  by elections of  Ten Assembly seats in Bihar. It is known that  JDU and RJD will be contesting  the election in alliance. Laloo Ji’s demand of six seats for RJD  may now  be hampered by cash crunch . He also confided that if the ploy designed by Mr.Nitish Kumar worked , the alliance may have to give a couple of seats to Congress and this may bring  JDU chief more close to Congress and hinder the direct connection between Mr.Laloo Ji and Congress high command.