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'Lady-With-the-Elephant' refuses to grow old, no birthday celebration this year

14, Jan 2014 By Ashish Kedia

The UP’s very own Haathi Wali Mata has now simply refused to grow up any older. She has cancelled all the events related to her birthday and have ordered all her party members to forget her birthday.


It has been found that all this while when she was claiming her age to be 37 years old someone gifted her album consisting of pictures from her elaborate birthday celebrations every year. She excitedly got it printed and distributed amongst party members. It was only on the seventh day that someone could count the years and informed her that it has pictures from 42 birthday celebrations.

Indeed the birthday pictures were only of after she has joined active politics. It was after this incident only that this year’s birthday celebrations were cancelled.

One of the party functionaries who have this time got a garland made of 1 million dollar notes for her felicitation is now worried on how to get him registered in her good books when she isn’t even celebrating the birthday. Others ready with Gold and Silver ornaments are also in confusion.

Some members of the over enthusiast youth brigade of the party have decided that now after Madam has taken her decision they will not allow anyone else also to celebrate their own birthday as well if it falls on this day.This will be celebrated as No-BirthDay-Day in complete UP.

There are also mild rumors that she was compiled to take this decision after some not so young leaders including state CM started calling her Bua Ji in public. She takes it as an attempt to tarnish her Bahen Ji brand Image.

A top leader on condition of anonymity has also told faking news that strict plans are being made to stop the CM from poking his nose in everything though he ruled out going for the plastic surgery of the infamous pointed nose.

At the time of writing of this report some media friendly reason was being planned to be given to public for this cancellation of celebrations.